We are Excited to Announce Our New Restorative Slow Flow Class

Perfect practice to recover from the week. It begins with a traditional Slow Flow practice adding Restoration with some Yin-like poses. The practice ends with a lengthy Savasana and a little Thai Yoga Massage (with your permission). We use orange Essential Oils during the relaxation. Please let us know if you have any scent-sensitivity. Those opting out of the massage can enjoy restorative relaxation in deep meditation.

To make this a most enjoyable practice, wear traditional yoga clothing (not too loose and not too tight) and dress in layers depending on your sensitivity to temperature. Bring Water, yoga mat, and a bolster if you have one.
We have a few bolsters but I cannot guarantee one for everyone at this time. Call/text me to reserve your Bolster. Sometimes a block, blanket, or pillow will work in place of a bolster. We have Meditation pillows as well. We rent mats for 2$ and sell bottled water for 50 cents.