Chris Lamb

Good Vibes Studios is a great place with wonderful instructors! I’m a beginner in yoga but Machelle made me feel comfortable and I was hooked! Anyone can do yoga here! Yoga is the one activity I feel has strengthened me physically and mentally. I sometimes call it “Therapy!” Come join us! You will love it!

Rhonda Williams

Good Vibes Yoga Studio is a great place! It is very updated with a cozy feel. Machelle makes everyone feel comfortable from beginner to more advanced yogis! Come join her beautiful studio you will love it!!!!

Julie Tibbetts Miller

Awesome Yoga Studio!! I just starting going and I love it. Hope to be practicing here for a long time. The studio is very calming and Monica is a wonderful instructor! I will absolutely recommend this studio to family and friends.

Kirsti Reinhardt

I am truly so blessed to have found this beautiful yoga studio! I used to only practice from home. I’m so great full to have found this community! I look forward to going to class and taking an hour out of my day to just focus on myself and my body! Machelle our instructor is… Read More »Kirsti Reinhardt